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Requirements & Electives
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MBB Seminars

The following courses will serve as MBB seminars for 2014-15. All MBB Cognitive Science track students must take one of these seminars, usually in the junior year.

  • Human Evolutionary Biology 1313: Stress
  • Human Evolutionary Biology 1366: Mating Strategies
  • Human Evolutionary Biology 1500: Building Babies
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980a (formerly MBB 93). Conscious States: Waking, Sleeping, and Dreaming
  • [Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980b (formerly MBB 95). Addiction, Choice, and Motivation]
  • [Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980c (formerly MBB 96). The Science of Happiness]
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980d (formerly MBB 92). A Systems Neuroscience Approach to Conscious Perceptual Experience
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980e (formerly MBB 91z).Music, Mind, and Brain
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980f (formerly MBB 99z). Creativity Research: Madmen, Geniuses, and Harvard Students
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980g. The Origins and Evolution of Cognition: A Comparative Study of Human and Nonhuman Abilities
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980h. What Disease Teaches about Cognition
  • [Mind, Brain, Behavior, 980ir. Topics in the Mind/Brain Sciences: How the Mind/Brain Represents the World]
  • [Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980j. Avian Cognition: Why Being Called a Bird Brain is a Compliment not open to students who have already taken Psy 980f]
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior 980k. Fighting Cancer with the Mind
  • [Mind, Brain, and Behavior 94z. The Self: What Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience Tell Us]
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior S-91. Art, Mind, and the Brain: Study Abroad in Trento, Italy
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior S-93. Mind, Brain, and Behavior in Decision Making: Study Abroad in Trento, Italy
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior S-95. Cutting Edge Neuroscience in Film and Television: Study Abroad in Trento, Italy
  • Neurobio 101hfa (formerly Neurobio 95hfd), Novel Therapeutics in the Central Nervous System
  • Neurobio 101hfb (formerly Neurobio 95hfh), Dopamine
  • Neurobio 101hfc (formerly Neurobio 95hfp), Designer Neurons: How Cell Types are Generated in the Nervous System and the Lab
  • Neurobio 101hfd (formerly Neurobio 95hfu), Building a Brain
  • Neurobio 101hff (formerly Neurobio 95hfy), Seeing Time in the Brain
  • Neurobio 101hfi, The Neurobiology of Drug Addiction
  • Neurobio 101hfj, Brain Rhythms in Cognition, Mental Health & Epilepsy
  • Neurobio 101hfk. Cell Biology of Neurons in Development, Function, and Disease
  • Neurobio 101hfl. Building Blocks of Neural Networks: Synapses and Circuits in Heath and Psychiatric Disease
  • Neurobio 101hfm. Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience
  • Philosophy 160: Readings in Philosophical Psychology
  • Psychology 980f. Animal Cognition
  • Psychology 980o (or 1150). Perception and Imagination
  • Psychology 1304. Brain Damage as a Window into the Mind
  • Psychology 1305. Evolution and Cognition
  • [Psychology 1357. Puzzles of the Mind: Humans, Animals, Robots: Seminar]
  • [Psychology 1452. The Human Face]
  • [Psychology 1453. Consciousness Explored]
  • Psychology 1455. Perceiving People
  • Psychology 1605. Psychology of Language
  • [Psychology 1702. The Emotional Mind]