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Requirements & Electives
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Advanced Placement

For Psychology concentrators, scores of 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination and 7 on the International Baccalaureate will fulfill the concentration's Introductory Course requirement and reduce the number of total half-courses required for concentration by one.

For Psychology secondary field students, an AP score of 5 or IB score of 7 will exempt students from the Introductory Course requirement, but will not reduce the total number of half-courses from 6; an extra advanced course is required.

For ALL students, an AP = 5 or IB = 7 on the psychology exam will meet the Introductory Course (SLS 20) prerequisites for Foundational and Advanced Courses in psychology.

The opportunity to gain an overview of psychology from a leading researcher may be valuable to you even if you are exempt from the Introductory Course. You need not enroll in the course but may consider attending some of the Psychology lectures, particularly those on topics that you did not cover in high school or that you are particularly interested in. If you are planning to seek a psychology Ph.D., it may also be helpful for you to use these lectures, or the course's textbook, in your preparation for the psychology Graduate Record Examination (GRE).