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Introductory Course Requirement (formerly called Tier 1)

Beginning in Fall 2009, the General Education course Science of Living Systems 20: Psychological Science replaced Psychology 1 and Science B-62. SLS 20 meets the Introductory Course (formerly Tier 1) requirement as listed in the Requirements Chart.

Students who have already taken PSY 1 or SCI B-62 can continue to use these courses to meet the Introductory Course requirement and do not need to take SLS 20. Students can only count one of PSY 1, SCI B-62 or SLS 20 for concentration credit, unless both PSY 1 and SCI B-62 were taken in Fall 2008 or earlier.

PSYC S-1, Introductory Psychology taken in the Harvard Summer School may also meet this requirement.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of Psy 985, 990, 992, or 993, which are graded SAT/UNSAT.

See here for information about how AP or IB scores apply to the Introductory Course Requirement.