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Step Four: Research Approval

Animal research

(from HANDBOOK FOR STUDENTS, Academic Information, Other Academic Opportunities)

University regulations and federal rules require advance review and approval of all vertebrate research prior to its commencement. The Committee on the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ federally mandated Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), is responsible for reviewing proposed studies. There are no submission deadlines; applications may be submitted anytime.

IACUC administration services are provided by staff in the office of Research Administration Services (RAS). Information and forms may be obtained from the IACUC Manager ( All individuals using vertebrate animals in research and/or teaching must participate in the institution’s occupational health program and complete a course entitled “The Humane Care of Animals in Research/Teaching.” This course is offered four times per year and acquaints the participants with Harvard policies as well as federal, state, and City of Cambridge regulations regarding the use of animals. Information regarding the occupational health program and course dates and times may be obtained from the Occupational Health Program Coordinator (

The Office of Animal Resources (OAR) is the unit responsible for the housing, daily care, and health and well-being of all vertebrate animals used on campus at the FAS. No vertebrate animals may be obtained without the permission of the Office of Animal Resources (617-496-9989).

All members of the Harvard community have a responsibility to report instances of mistreatment of animals or non-compliance with animal use guidelines. To report the mistreatment of vertebrate animals in research or teaching at Harvard, contact the Director of the Office of Animal Resources, Arthur Lage, D.V.M. (617-432-1289). Anonymity will be honored if desired.

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